Where nature and technology meet in the heart of your home

To create a Radianz™ surface, advanced polymer resins and colour pigments are combined with 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals in nature. The result is a quartz countertop or cladding material that is durable, hygienic and beautiful. This blend of nature and technology can go beyond the realms of natural stone with its versatility and aesthetics. With a vast range of colours, Radianz™ provides the ultimate combination of stunning design and low maintenance for any kitchen, bathroom or indoor commercial project.

Faceted quartz particulates define a Radianz™ surface, adding depth and texture to a consistent colour. A choice of more than 25 colours with varied crystal sizes allows you to complement any design. From the most contemporary tastes to the more traditional, Radianz™ is the perfect choice for any home.

Radianz™ Quartz is substantially harder than granite countertops. That means it's not only more resistant to impacts, it also doesn't require any periodic sealing. That's right, granite countertops should be chemically resealed every year or more in order to keep it resistant to staining. Radianz™? Never. Radianz™ is also virtually non-porous, making it nearly maintenance-free as it resists bacterial growth and stains unlike other natural surface materials.

Radianz™ will enhance any home construction or refurbishing project. Here are the most common uses:

- Kitchen countertops, backsplashes and table tops
- Bathroom countertops, vanity tops, bath surrounds
- Windowsills and shower enclosures

Reviving a home kitchen or bath is a given. Here are a few places you can find Radianz™ in the commercial world:

- Bar-tops and table-tops
- Lavatories and public washrooms
- Wall surfaces and other décor-trim
- Transaction decks and cash-wraps
- Reception areas
- Food service areas and work-stations
- Specialty kiosks and fixtures

Stretch your imagination, Radianz™ Quartz can fit anywhere.